Library clearance certificate is provided to the user either at the time of completion of his course of study or whenever migrated to other institutions. In all cases the users will have to surrender the library cards after clearing the dues, if any.

No journals are permitted to issue to any category of library user.

Only the documents belonging to the college library can be xeroxed. Entire book, periodical, thesis, etc. cannot be xeroxed as it violates the reprographic copyright rule.

To become an alumni member of the college central library the ex-students of this college should apply to the librarian after being forwarded by the head of the department where he / she was a student.

Any authorized external member, besides the reading and reference facilities, can also avail the Xerox facility within the library by maintaining the reprographic rules of the library.

All students, faculty members and staff (administrative and official) of this College are authorized to use the library.

No, book lending facility is not allowed for ex-students, but they can avail the reference facility for some specific period.